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Attempted Burglary on Foxgrove Lane in Allison Park

BURGLARY ATTEMPT: A home on Foxgrove Lane (off of Kummer Rd.) was burglarized on Saturday night in McCandless Township. The suspected route of entry was a garage door opener left in a car in the driveway (not confirmed). Once in the home, the three actors went to the upstairs bedrooms, presumably looking for jewelry.

The owners were awakened and the actors tried to exit via a bedroom window, but were unsuccessful. They ran out the front door of the home into the woods of North Park where police used canines to search.

According to Chief Anderson, this is still an ongoing investigation and no arrests have been made.

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  1. Just wait until Turzai and the McCandless council get their way with the Walmart. This will be an every other day occurrence in the immediate area. Thanks local leadership.

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