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Stack'd Wexford

Review of Stack’d Burgers (Wexford, PA)

Went for the burgers, ended up enjoying everything BUT the burgers. If you don’t compare the burgers to Burgatory (my personal favorite), but compare the restaurant to something in the realm of North Park Lounge, Steak n Shake, TGIFriday’s etc. I think you’d be very happy here. I hope to go back and try their chicken sandwich options in the future, since the wings were so good and many of their sauces you can put on a sandwich. I just don’t think the burgers were a big deal. Bar food and beer yes, burgers…eh.

But…there were some great highlights like the wings and milkshake! (Originally posted on The Sugar Pixie blog)

Wings: 4 stars. Done very nicely. We opted for traditional wings with buffalo parmesan, and they came out crispy and flavorful. No wimpy, rubbery fried wings here! The blue cheese dressing was delicious as well. Definitely going back for wings.

Burgers: 3 stars. I was prepared to be wowed, but I left feeling let down. The patties were underseasoned (I added a bit of salt and pepper halfway through to perk it up, still the patties were missing something). The garlic aioli did not have much garlic taste, I was wishing for just mayo instead. The cheddar cheese didn’t shine through either, I want some pow with my cheddar! While the sheer amount of toppings might be appealing, they were all very much in the ‘ok’ category. The fried pickles on my husband’s burger were just okay too. Noticing a trend here? I guess I miss being able to pick how I want my burger seasoned, how it’s cooked (medium for me). The two patties or more may look impressive, but the taste just was not there.

Fries: Curly fries were nice, but the cajun fries were just regular fries with cajun seasoning. Nothing special.

Milkshake: 4 stars. Get yourself a milkshake for sure! We had Oreo, and while it was so very delicious, creamy, and Oreo we had ginormous chunks at the bottom of our to go cup. We ate the chocolate sludge at the bottom and it was still super delicious. They also have spiked milkshake options.

Smoked Cocktail: Not bad, have had better. Maybe just try something traditional.

Beer: Keep up the great work! Nice to find a place that has burgers AND draft options like Miller Lite and Yuengling for a good price. $3.50. Lots of variety for other draft beers.

Outdoor Seating: Higher stools and tabletops in the bar area. Would not call that seating kid friendly. (Booths inside)

Waitstaff: Polite and helpful


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