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The Sugar Pixie reviews UPtown Diner – Allison Park

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Update: UPTown Diner announced they were closing on 3/7/2017.

Went here on a Sunday before the morning rush. We were looking for some good diner options in the area and we tried a variety of foods for our first visit. The Country Fried steak had a pleasant texture and taste, but not sure if it’s homemade on site, or bought and fried. At any rate, I liked the texture as some CFS can be hard and chewy and this was easy to eat. The biscuits and gravy also had the same gravy as the country fried steak, but the biscuits were just okay, nothing special. The highlight of the Eggs Benedict were the perfectly poached eggs, but the hollandaise just okay. Coffee was good and hot in nice large mugs. Let’s talk about the wheat toast, not sure if the toast was made from stale bread but the texture and taste didn’t remind me of toast.

The major miss of the experience was the potatoes, and I love potatoes. I tried the homefries and while the potatoes, onions, and peppers were cooked expertly, the nicely browned potatoes lacked in flavor. They were missing something beyond salt and pepper. Next was the cheesy potatoes, which I normally love, but again I could not place what was missing about it. Not bad, not amazing, but very much in the middle that we did not finish it. Cheese and potatoes are a no-brainer winning combo in my book.

And to speak to previous reviews the service was pleasant, and the bathroom was nice! I see they will be opening for dinner soon, and will probably check it out again.





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