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JT's Bakery and Cafe

JT’s Bakery and Cafe (Perry Highway)

I finally found some time to make my way over to JT’s Bakery and Cafe at 8105 Perry Hwy Pittsburgh, PA 15237. It’s in the same shopping center as Adzema Pharmacy, Clayful Pottery, and McCandless Florist.

I have to say these are THE BEST bakery cupcakes I have had so far in North Hills – FINALLY! The whipped buttercream frostings are light and smooth in your mouth, and ever so slightly sweet, with zero greasy aftertaste. Both the vanilla and chocolate frostings were delicious, which is quite a feat! The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were perfect with either frosting, so try whatever is available is that day and you will not be disappointed. We tried a small  vanilla frosting cupcake sample before purchasing which definitely sold me on the quality of baked goods here. So give a sample a try if available!

We also bought an oatmeal cookie that was in my opinion, better than homemade. There was brown sugar or  had a toffee taste to the cookie that tasted delightful. How many times can you say oatmeal cookies are delightful?

I love baking, so trying to impress me or my family is difficult when my homemade is the best I can find or what I want. However, I have met my match at JT’s Bakery and Cafe. If food allergy issues weren’t in my family’s world I would purchase and try as many of their baked goods as possible! This would be our go-to bakery, which is a challenge to find in the area. So please, go eat these for me for the times we can’t! These are leaps and bounds better than another chain’s cupcake offerings in our area!

Friendly and helpful staff. Coffee and some seating available, and follow their Facebook page to see what they have available and what offers they have! So grab a cupcake and some coffee today!


JT's Bakery and Cafe

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