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Steve Mertz, McCandless Councilman

McCandless Councilman Steve Mertz blames Access McCandless for creating his “image” problem.  Look below. It’s quite obvious that we had exactly zero to do with his “image.”   Perhaps the councilman should look in the mirror.  This page is for anyone seeking an explanation of the truth for Mr. Mertz’s continual harassment of Access McCandless and its owner.

Here’s an example of how he blames others.  Instead of admitting that he has done anything, he blames myself and Tony LaRussa (reporter from the Trib Review) for his problems.













Watch out if you work with him on a job, too…. he’ll post all kinds of stuff about what an idiot you are, classy guy that he is.













Here’s one of my personal favorites, where he uses his position as a councilman to threaten someone:








Mertz has bashed Christians, most specifically, the members of St. Alexis Church, on camera, during town council meetings.


And then there’s the legal stuff:

In 2009, Mertz had SO MUCH GARBAGE accumulated on his property that the Town of McCandless had to file against him.  In fact, there is still SO MUCH GARBAGE on his property, you can see it from Google earth.  A few of his neighbors clued us in to this one.




Mr. Mertz has gone on a social media assault against many people on Facebook, most often against Access McCandless and the owner of the business.  So much so that our attorneys had to send him a cease & desist to warn him that if the behavior continues, he will face a civil lawsuit.



Wait, What?  Pot, Kettle, Black?

 Let’s discuss the harassment that I had from him, where there is an actual police report, from March of 2016.  These are some of the texts he sent to me. He characterizes anyone who has received services for their autistic children as “welfare queen”.  I asked him to cease communications, he kept it coming. Thus, the police report.








 So classy

 And then they turn on each other. LOL

 Sometimes you even need popcorn

 Truckloads of popcorn


 Wait what?  No, uh… I called the police on you for harassing me.  There’s an actual police report.

 Not to mention when he calls my home phone, to talk to my husband, because I disagree with him.


Forever the victim
Poor, pitiful me….

Waaah!  I’m a victim!



I’m a victim, I tell ya!  A victim!

WAH!  I’m a victim!

Incoherent rambling about the incident where he verbally attacked teenagers at a polling booth.  Notice how Access McCandless is at fault?  Despite the fact that he was in the Tribune Review on multiple occasions?  Notice how he doesn’t accept responsibility for ANYTHING?

Incoherent rambling Part Deux

Incoherent rambling, part tois

 Notice how he then turns the argument to me, and vaccines.  It’s like a psychological case study.

Then he goes back to attacking the parents, and the kids… again.  (No lesson learned here.)


He’s obsessed with Christians.

Stay classy.

 Notice a pattern here?  Attack, retreat, claim to be a victim.

 Other people have come forward.


 How dumb are you to keep harassing someone when you’ve been issued a cease & desist?

 Actually, what I said was, it will take about 10 years for a community center.  And, that’s what is on the website.  But continue to lie…kthx.

This screen shot is my conversation with a Post Gazette reporter.  Mertz claimed that she said there was “no story” about the verbal assault of 3 children.  In my messages with the reporter, she noted that she had never spoken to him.  Ever.

 He has time to sit and count how many people posted about him and his verbal assault on the teenagers.  And here, once again, he claims to be the victim, and attacks anyone who sees it differently.

I may still refer to our area as “McCandless Township”….







…but as least I know how to spell Sheetz.

 Apparently he sits around and counts the number of posts on Access McCandless.  Posted 5/2/2018

Poor Steve, over a year later and he’s still making up stories about people calling him .

And now, suddenly he claims that some guy I’ve never met named Brian Shephard is with me, and “against” him, like we’re back in high school.



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  1. This guy.. The councilman claims to be a republican and states that his ideas are just left of Ronald Reagan. I watch his video once a week just to put my life into perspective (st Alexis members homophobic anti Muslim). As shitty as my day gets at least I’m not this guy. Drive on mccandless he is a star in your bright future.

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