McCandless Township Pittsburgh

Steve Pavlick

A member of Mertz’s merry band of misfits, Steve Pavlick is another obsessed, sad story.  He has about 45 facebook accounts and has gone by Stephan Pavlick, Stefan Pavlikov and a bunch of others, all used to harass people online.  Also sent a letter of cease & desist by Access McCandless, this guy was guilty of copyright infringement when he decided to harass Access McCandless by using our logo, name, and other branding.  His continual harassment is laughable, because he used to hate Steve Mertz about six months ago. As shown below, he used to feed Access McCandless information about Mertz & Co. until he decided he didn’t like Access McCandless anymore.  Get off the bipolar express, Steve.  You can see from the messages I received, just mere months ago, that he thought he was some stealth “double agent.”  Six months later, he’s harassing Access McCandless instead.  Hysterical.

Creepy stalker…



Verbal whoop ass?  You can barely speak at the level of Sesame Street.




Classy guy that he is, he’s poking fun at my autistic children, who have more class and intelligence than he can fathom.  Of course, since he acts like a 12 year old, that’s a given.




The funniest thing was that about six months ago, he hated Mertz, and posted about him frequently, and fed me information on what Mertz and his friends were saying.  He posted this one in the fall of 2017.










Pavlick sent me a message to ban Martina Martucci.  This is a screen shot of a message he sent in FB messenger, indicating that she was “feeding Mertz info” from Access McCandless.





















Now the BFF of Melinda Wedde, just six months ago he was calling her an idiot.  He “has Mertz where he wants him.”  LOL.



































Pavlick Accuses me of creating fake facebook pages… uh, what?  He has like 10 of them.




Talking about an actual respected member of town council…







12 year old is insulting to 12 year olds.





















As opposed to a flunky customer service person?


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