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School safety incidents: How North Allegheny Compares

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May 2, 2018 ~ Access McCandless Staff

Recent concerns for school safety have prompted the North Allegheny School District to hire two School Resource Officers.  According to the district’s release, there will be one full-time Resource Officer at North Allegheny Senior High School, and one full-time officer at North Allegheny Intermediate.  The Resource Officers will be uniformed and armed Town of McCandless police officers, according to the release, at an annual cost of approximately $225,000 to taxpayers.

WPXI recently compiled school safety reports from the Pennsylvania Information Management System that show the number of safety incidents for each school in Allegheny County.  How does North Allegheny compare?

In the 2016-2017 school year, enrollment at North Allegheny High School* was 2,665, with the number of incidents at only 23.  Incidents involving law enforcement were only at 13 and involved charges such as aggravated assault, possession of controlled substances and threats.  You can see how NASH/NAI stack up in the report below (click to enlarge):

*Includes both NAI and NASH




In the neighboring North Hills School District, numbers were broken down between junior and senior high schools.  At the senior high school, enrollment is at 1,390 with 18 incidents and 3 involving local law enforcement.

In Woodland Hills School District, with a junior and senior high school enrollment of 1,601 students, there were 128 incidents and 76 of those involved law enforcement with total arrests of 13.  Upper St. Clair has a total enrollment of 1,391 with 15 incidents and 13 involving local law enforcement.  Mt. Lebanon has a total enrollment of 1,769 with 37 incidents and 37 involving local law enforcement.

While Woodland Hills opted for metal detectors, Upper St. Clair did not indicate a need.  Upper St. Clair employs two full-time school police officers and two full-time security guards.

Some parents in the North Allegheny School District have asked for metal detectors.  In the West Jefferson Hills School District, a presentation to the school board priced metal detectors for the high school at nearly $4,000 in addition to wands at a cost of approximately $150 each.
















*Figures include both NASH and NAI.



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